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Based at Whitley Lodge First School in Whitley Bay, a seaside resort near to Newcastle, Whitley Lodge Baptist Church has grown out of the former Whitley Lodge Congregation of Whitley Bay Baptist Church.

We meet for worship each Sunday morning in the school at 10.30 am as well as on other times during the week - see the What we do page for the latest information

Worship is lively and informal and we welcome young and old alike as we explore together what being a Christian means in today’s world.

Whitley Lodge First School  - our home!

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Community Entrance

We'd love you to join with us for Sunday worship but please be mindful of the following points.


•  Please do not attend if you have any Covid symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate.

•  If you are vulnerable, consider whether to attend. If you don’t feel comfortable don’t come.

•  Wash hands and use sanitiser as appropriate.

•  Be sensitive to those not comfortable about physical contact.

•  Entrance will be through the main door and exit through the other front door.

•  Those with mobility problems may use the entrance from the car park.

•  The hall will be well-ventilated.

•  Seats will be socially distanced but you may move next to your household or bubble.

•  There will be a specific area designated for those who wish to be especially cautious.

•  Facemasks must be worn when moving around and only removed when seated.

•  Singing will be permitted only if seated, wearing a facemask and not facing other people.

•  Attendees are asked not to mingle before or after the service. Tea and coffee will be served after the service and should be taken outside  if possible.

•  Prepacked wine and wafers will be used in Communion services. Handlers will wear facemasks and disposable gloves.

•  The maximum service time should be one hour, which may include a maximum singing time of fifteen minutes.

•  An offering bag will be available at the front for anyone who wishes to give in that way.

•  Please bring your own Bible and / or hymn book if possible. Some “cleaned” books will also be available which you may take home           with you afterwards and bring back each week.

•  Microphones and other equipment are to be kept to a single individual.

•  A register will be kept of attendees (also useful for Fire Safety).

•  Cleaning protocols will be maintained.

•  Toilets may be used on a one-in-one-out basis. Wipes will be available and the individual responsible to clean taps and door handles           after use.

•  Please take waste home with you if possible.

•  All these measures will be reviewed regularly.